Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Free Magazines Direct to Your IPAD or Kindle Through Your Library!


I haven't written in a while due to the extreme adorableness of our 7 month old Squishy Face. It's hard to focus on blogging when there are chubby little cheeks staring up at you, begging to be kissed.

Family Circle Magazine: Digital Download- Free through your local library!

That being said, I was SO EXCITED about this that I had to shout it from the roof tops! Seriously, If I thought I could get on my roof without falling off and breaking my back, I would totally do that. Thankfully, blogging is safer and reaches more people.

Okay... This applies to you if you own a Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry Playbook, PC, Mac or Windows.

Zinio is a site that you can purchase magazines, either a single issue, or you can get a subscription. The Magazines are sent straight to your Zinio app in your device and you can look at the magazine there. In the iPad or Kindle Fire, they look amazing. Even better than an actual magazine because I can take screen shot photos of something that I like, and then pin the photo to pinterest so I can remember it later.

Here's the kicker.... if you have a library card, most libraries will now let you do this for FREE!
The library has it's own Zinio website with the magazines that they have purchased for library card holders. When this launched, I was cautiously optimistic expecting an old copy of farmers almanac. When I signed on and was bombarded with every popular magazine I could ever imagine, I was ridiculously excited. Needless to say, I spent last night downloading and reading about 6 magazines.

Here's a few examples of the magazines available in Prince William County:

(Each library chooses which magazines to "stock", so your library may have a different selection)

Better Homes and Gardens Special Publications (Right now, they have 100 Best Cookies, Big Style for Small Rooms, and Real Rooms)

Apple Magazine


American Photo




Country Home


Clean Eating


Consumer Reports


Country Living




Do It Yourself


Women's Day


Women's Day Special Publications (Easy Meals, Eating Light)


Every Day with Rachel Ray


Family Circle


Food Network Magazine






Good Housekeeping


Martha Stewart Living



 Martha Stewart Weddings


Men's Health


Men's Fitness




Oprah Magazine


Natural Health


OK! Magazine


National Geographic


Parenting (Early Years)


Parenting (School Years)




Popular Science








Reader's Digest


Shop Smart


Taste of Home


Taste of Home Special Publications (Current one is the Cooking School Cookbook)


Weight Watchers


Womens Health




US Weekly

The best part? That's only a SELECTION of the magazines! There's tons more!

The instructions for how to download your magazines for free are different depending on your library. See your library website for more information.

For Prince William County, Virginia - Go either to your library website and click "Download Magazines", or I can save you the step- click here.  (This is Prince William Libraries Personal Zinio Page- Head to library website to get the webpage for your library).

You'll have to sign up for RBDigital, it's quick, easy, and free. You'll need your library ID number and password. Then choose a magazine to download (from what I can tell, you can only download current issues), It will redirect you to the Zinio site. Register and create a username and password (I would make them the same so you can remember them). This is free and quick as well. Once you click on the magazine you want, it adds it to your reading list for Zinio.

Sign into your Zinio App (in whatever device you plan on using), then select the magazine you want to read from your reading list. Then chuckle to yourself about how everyone else paid $3.99 for what you're about to read for free.

Important: There are a few limitations that I can see now, which may change as I use it. It would appear that you would need to download each current issue (you can't sign up for subscriptions). You will also have to choose and add magazines to your reading list from the webpage, and not within the app in order for them to be free. As far as I can tell, there is no time limit to keep/read the magazines. The ones that I downloaded two nights ago are still there today and it doesn't list an expiration date anywhere.

So, go cancel all of your magazine subscriptions and thank me later:)

US Weekly- Digital Download Free through your local library

Cosmopolitan: Digital Download free through your local library!

Taste of Home- Digital Download for free through your local library!