Life Skills: 101

Life Skills 101 is everything that you should have learned in college, but didn't. Basic organization skills, meal planning, budgeting etc are all covered in easy to digest posts.

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1. Life Skills Boot Camp: 

Start here to identify your weaknesses. Maybe you know how to handle a budget but you wretch at the idea of having to cook chicken so you stumble on meal planning? Once we know what you're doing wrong, we can find a way around it and figure out a way to do it right. We use small gradual changes and prioritize what needs to be addressed first.

2. Behavior Modification:

Now that you know your weaknesses, find out how to use baby steps and routines to start making them your strengths! One of the most important things that you'll learn is to sit down. Chronically disorganized people are always busy. They work so hard and never have a chance to appreciate it. That stops today. Today is the first day of your new program. 

3. Budgeting:

It's time to ignore all of the complicated advice about what you should be doing and how to save money. This is the bare bones, fail proof, easy to keep up with, way of creating an easy to follow budget.
You're going to set aside a few minutes every Monday night and complete the steps for each week. At the end of the program, you'll understand what you've been doing wrong and have a working budget.

4. Meal Planning:

Ready to save a small fortune? You're about to learn how to be a meal planning guru! Unlike other meal planning tutorials, I understand that you aren't ready to batch cook freezer meals for a month. I'm showing you how to save money through meal planning even if you choose to continue to eat out. I'll show you how you can use convenience meals in your food plan until you have the skill/time/desire to start cooking from scratch. If you want to cook from scratch? Great! You'll save even more! 

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