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Born Free is a non judgmental place where imperfect people come to transform their lives through tips, tricks, tutorials, and testimonials written by an imperfect person (me!) on budgeting, meal planning, routines that work, and the simple life.

I put an emphasis on simple. We don't need five thousand dollar closet makeovers. We need closet organization ideas for less than $15. We need to learn and teach that having less means you will enjoy it more.  We know that while you wish you had that 300 square foot pantry with customized labels, what you need is step by step tutorials on changes you can make now to get that pantry one day. You can always see my exact numbers, how much I spent before, how much I spend now and what the cost savings is of a change over one year. Even recipes include current prices from national stores.

Jump on in and learn the basics:

  • How to establish simple routines that will save you time and money.
  • How to meal plan effectively, regardless of your schedule.
  • How to budget easily and have fun doing it.
  • How to save money in almost every area of your life.
  • How to make 15 minute convenience meals to break the cycle of eating out.

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I know what it's like to be disorganized, to always be operating in red zone, to work so hard and to never see results. I know how hard it is to fight what genetics and childhood conditioning did so well in creating. I know how easy it is to just give up.

I also know how it feels to win that fight, to feel calm and at peace, to feel confidence in your decisions knowing that you're on the right path. I know how to make that happen. I am free to change. So are you. Don't give up. You're worth it. I promise.

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