Friday, December 7, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake: 10 minute dessert for less than $0.86 per serving and 150 calories using pantry ingredients you can keep on hand.

Hands down, this is my favorite dessert to make. Besides being ridiculously easy to make, it’s healthier than most desserts, low calorie, and can be made from ingredients in your pantry and freezer. It’s a fantastic recipe to keep around for unexpected guests or an alternative to late night binges on chocolate chip cookies.




1 bag of frozen strawberries (I use whole, but you can also use sliced, chopped, or whatever you can find)- $2.99

1/2 container of light cool whip (I get the frozen tubs) $1.29

4 tablespoons of splenda or sugar – Pantry Item

1 Bavarian sponge cake crust (you can also use angel food cake, pound cake, or shortcake cups- I buy the Bavarian sponge cake crusts at Wegmans- they store for a few months before they expire, you can also purchase them online here).- $2.59




Pour Strawberries into large microwave safe bowl. Follow directions on package for thawing in the microwave. I thaw mine at 30% power for 4 minutes. They should still be firm and a little cold.



Take them out of the microwave and add sugar, then toss. Pile strawberries onto crust (I leave them whole, but you can chop or slice them if you prefer). Spoon large dollops of frozen cool whip onto the strawberries. It will look a bit like ice cream. 


Serve immediately for a cold treat. Store leftovers in the fridge, it will be good for 2 additional days.


150 calories is calculating using Bavarian sponge cake, light whipped cream, splenda and frozen strawberries and cutting the whole pie into 8 equal pieces.


If you’re feeling creative, feel free to scatter chocolate chips or chocolate sauce on top.


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