Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I pay $41.00/month for my iPhone Plan! Ting Review.

I pay $41/month (an average of $32/month!) for my iPhone and use it all the time through Ting! Between me and my husband this saves us over $1,000/year! It's available everywhere that Sprint is and the service is great!

One of the few luxuries we have is our iPhones. It's such a useful tool that's fully integrated in my life. I can blog on my iPhone (Blogger), keep our family calendar up to date (COZI), track my calories (Myfitnesspal), my pregnancy (What to expect), my work outs, my weight, my steps and sleep quality (Fitbit) , handle task lists (Reminders), get directions based on my current location (Maps), do my banking (Mint), upload memories for my son to his life book (Moment Garden), play free music (Amazon Music), find out how close my husband is using his gps coordinates to get dinner ready on time (Find iPhone), and plan my meals for the week then create a shopping list in ten minutes (MealBoard). Needless to say, the iPhone is almost a necessity for me.

The downside to the iPhone is the monthly bills! Two years ago, we were paying $202 for two iPhones through ATT with unlimited everything. Last year, we switched to Sprint and paid $170 for the same. The service is not as great with sprint as ATT, for instance you can't surf the internet or use data while you're talking on the phone but the few minor hiccups were well worth $30/month to me

Then I found out about Ting. 

Benefits of Ting:

1. There's no contract! Try it for a month. If you hate it, just cancel!

2. You can bring any phone with you from Sprint at no cost.

3. You'll use the Sprint Network and won't notice a difference in service if you already use Sprint.

4. It's so cheap! My bill is always under $41, my husbands averages $57.00, both with heavy use.

5. You can check what your bill will be before you sign up! I entered 12 months of text, data and voice usage from past bills for both my husband and I before I made the switch. It generates the average bill amount for me. I already knew what I would be paying before I signed on.(click here for their website to use this feature)

6. Everything on wifi is free, which includes iMessage to other iPhone users (including photo texts!)

7. Ting roams to the Verizon Network at no additional cost to you for voice and text. This ensures that you can get a signal wherever you are!

8. They run bad ass promotions that show they know you won't leave if you sign up (see the last paragraph).

9. It's free to tether! They even encourage it! You can run your laptop or your iPad off of your iPhone's data.

10. Very transparent charges. You don't have to worry about hidden anything. (See the chart at the bottom of this post).

11. You can save $25 on your first bill by signing up using this link!

My Last Bill With Ting. 

When I heard about Ting, I was intrigued but figured the service was horrible, or that there was hidden fees. I waited 6 months until my contract with Sprint was up before I tried Ting! I could have saved $600 if I had just done it then! It was easy to transfer service, I never had to bring my phone anywhere, and my phone was only out of order for about 15 minutes during the change over. I haven't noticed any difference in the service and they have an awesome app that let's you know what you've used and based on that, what your estimated bill would be.

If you don't have sprint and don't have a sprint phone, you'll have to get a Ting capable phone (just like your ATT phone wouldn't work with the Sprint Network). You can go to the Ting website here, and they'll assist you in selling your phone and buying a capable device. It's a bit like eBay, so as long as you're buying and selling a similar device, the costs should be nominal. They also have warranted refurbished phones for purchase although they would be more expensive. 

I haven't found any drawbacks with Ting, as long as you use the estimated savings calculator before you switch. Just to make sure you aren't one of the 2% of users that wouldn't save money by switching. 

If you have questions, I'd love to answer them. There's very few companies that get brand loyalty from me (Wegmans and USAA), but Ting has officially made the list.


Use this link for a $ 25.00 credit when you sign up!
Early Termination Fee: They'll pay 25% of your early termination fee up to $75.00. (Click here)
iPhone and Samsung: They'll pay any difference in price for buying and selling the same model phone if you don't have a sprint compatible device.(Click here)
Small businesses: if you have 6 or more devices for your business, send them your last few bills. If you won't save money switching to Ting, they'll send you a foosball table! (Click here)

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