Friday, July 27, 2012

Best Donuts Ever! In 15 Minutes, At Home, For Next To Nothing!

The McClure Family introduced us to these amazing donuts. They were so cheap and easy to make that we've made them several times. I like them better than any other donut (or dessert) in the world!


1 Container of Biscuits (we use Grands!), not the "flaky" version.
Powdered Sugar
Cocoa Powder (optional)


Heat oil in deep fryer to about 360 degrees. You can probably use a deep frying pan as well, but I would burn the house down if I tried that, so I'll leave that to the more experienced. Using a small circle cutter (if you don't have one, just use a knife), cut a circle out of the middle of every biscuit. Keep the middles, these become your donut holes. Without over crowding the fryer, place about 2 donuts and 2 donut holes in the fryer. Flip when lightly browned. While frying, put a few scoops of powdered sugar in a bowl. If you would like to try fudge, combine 1/2 cocoa powder and 1/2 powdered sugar in a bowl. Fudge looks powdery until you touch it, then becomes gooey and delicious. When the second side of donut is lightly browned, remove from oil, deposit in bowl and flip around to coat in mixture. Enjoy!

Grands Biscuits: $1.99 at Wegmans
Powdered Sugar: $1.69 at Wegmans (Cost of entire bag, you will only use a small amount).
Cocoa Powder: $ 3.29 at Wegmans (Cost of entire container, you will only use a small amount).
Oil: Pantry Item

Makes: 8 Donuts and 8 Donut Holes

Since we keep everything but the biscuits in stock (purchased for much lower prices at Aldi), we only have to buy the biscuits. Making our serving cost around 15 cents per donut!


  1. I wish I had a fryer. Joe would probably disown me if I brought it in the house. (In reality he would likely eat all the donuts when I wasnt looking) :).

    1. I have to admit, It's a guilty pleasure. We never really used it until we found out how to make these. I'm hoping when baby comes that my donut craving goes away, or else I'm in real trouble!


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