Friday, July 20, 2012

Review: Suave Rosemary Mint Shampoo (and how I learned the lesson to try out a cheaper brand)

We use approximately 384 ounces of shampoo and another 384 ounces of conditioner per year for both of us (these are the kinds of things you know when you keep a stockroom and track it psychotically). I had used Pantene Pro-V Classic Care shampoo and conditioner since high school. I loved it. When I went to my parents house to visit a few years ago, I had forgotten shampoo so I used what my mom had in the shower. It was Suave Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner (which I'm positive that Mom bought because it was cheap). I fell in love. I couldn't believe how great it smelled, and how soft it made my hair. I liked it better than Pantene! I went straight home, moved the Pantene to the guest shower and bought Suave Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner. I still love it, Jon loves it and not surprisingly, we've saved a bundle of money with the switch!

Pantene Pro-V Classic Care Shampoo and Conditioner each cost $4.97 for 22.8 ounces at Walmart. In one year, we would spend $167.41 on this shampoo and conditioner. (4.97 / 22.8 = .217 per ounce x 768 ounces per year = $167.41)

Suave Rosemary and Mint Shampoo and Conditioner each cost $2.74 for 32 ounces at Walmart. In one year, we spend $65.76 on this shampoo and conditioner. (2.74 \ 32 = .085 per ounce x 768 ounces per year = $65.76)

In total, we save $101.65 per year by using a product that we like better.

As a side note, if you are currently not using the supply closet method of shopping, and find yourself picking up shampoo at the grocery store, you would save much more. Read about the supply closet method of shopping here. At Wegmans, Pantene Pro-V Classic Care shampoo and conditioner are both sold in 12.6 ounce bottles for $3.89. If you bought that for a year, you would have spent $237.10.

By switching to Suave and using the supply closet method, you would save $171.34 per year.

And that my friends, is what Born Free is all about- saving money while improving your life. I'm not going to sacrifice something that I love. I want to spend more wisely and be conscientious of what I'm spending my money on so that I can buy the things that I really do love.


  1. I LOVE this shampoo! I was able to find it for $1.99 on sale AND there were coupons available. I took full advantage and built a nice supply for us. Great article by the way, it's great when you can figure things all the way out like this!

    1. Great buy! Actually, you guys inspired the home stockroom idea! Once it was established and I could see what needed to be resupplied when, I figured out what we used in a year. Then, when we had that established, I could find the cheapest proces on products that we like and estimate costs per year!

  2. I buy things at the Dollar Store and save tons. I can even get 18 and 24 oz. bottles at the $1 price. If you put your shampoo and conditioners in squirt bottles you will use even less yet. Plus you don't need to use as much conditioner, I add water to my conditioner and it works just as well. If you don't want to use the squirt bottle for conditioner use a dime size of conditioner in a glass of water then pour it on your hair and work through. then rinse as usual.


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