Monday, July 28, 2014

Top 10 Favorite Snacks: Ready in less than 5 minutes!


Need a quick snack to satisfy grumbly tummies? I've got you covered! Here's my ultimate favorites that can be whipped up in less than 5 minutes.  Many are shelf stable and can be transported without a cooler to help keep you out of the drive through. 

1.Sliced apples and a spoonful of caramel topping (for ice cream), almond butter or peanut butter.

2. Frozen grapes. 
Just buy a bunch. Wash and freeze in a gallon ziplock bag. Pick off a few for a delicious frozen treat.

3. Microwave brownie.
Not your everyday snack, but if you're in the mood to indulge, far be it from me to stop you! Click here for the recipe.

4. Mozzarella string cheese dipped in marinara sauce. 
Kind of a quick knock off of mozzarella sticks. You can also freeze a jar of marinara in ice cube trays. Pop the ice cubes into individual baggies and you can heat one or two servings at a time for small snacks.

5. Poor man's cheesecake.
Graham Crackers spread with cream cheese and a bit of jam. This is heavenly and not too bad in calories. Certainly better than the brownie in a mug! 

6. Carrots and ranch dressing, blue cheese dressing, hummus or hot sauce.
Seriously. Hot sauce. The place back home that we used to order pizza and wings from delivered carrot sticks seeping in the extra hot wing sauce. They were amazing. Which is why I now nosh on carrot sticks and hot sauce, even when I'm not pregnant. 

7. Bold and spicy almonds.
Technically this isn't a recipe, but I just discovered them this winter and can't get enough. 
I'm going to be trying out a DIY recipe for these soon. Until then, Diamond makes several flavors including habanero BBQ.

8. Trail mix.
Make your own: nuts, dried fruit and chocolate chips. Go nuts, try some with butterscotch chips!

9. Make your own chicken salad crackers.
They sell these in a package next to the tuna cans for almost 2.00 a package. You can easily make your own! Canned chicken or tuna, mayo packets saved from a lunch out, and crackers (Jon has been known to just mix the mayo in the can and eat it… We're classy like that).

10. Crackers, cheese and pepperoni.
Come visit my parents house and they'll offer you a plate of this... Every time. They're deliciously predictable and they know what works. 

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