Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Free Haircuts for School age Children starting November 2012 at JC Penney

Recently, I received the following email from JC Penney's CEO. As I'm sure everyone knows, JC Penney took a huge hit when they introduced their new pricing earlier this year. It didn't go well, and the company has struggled since. I actually liked the no fuss pricing and purchased a set of genuine pearl earrings for an extremely fair price.

Since that purchase, I receive updates from Ron every so often asking for feedback on how the company is doing or letting me know about changes he's making. I have no idea why, but while I delete the gadzillions of junk email that comes to my box, I read every single letter from Ron. I like the mans style and appreciate what he's doing. Kind of a back to the basics for JC Penney.

Starting in November of 2012, school age children can get free haircuts at JC Penney on Sundays. More details will be coming out in October.

Dear valued customer,

Let me start with a special thanks to those who responded to my first
email. Praise or criticism, nothing beats honest feedback. It's what
makes us better.

I have a lot of great news to share this month.

First, we had an amazing response to our "free kids' back-to-school
haircuts" offer. It was far bigger than I expected. We gave away over
1.6 million haircuts in August. We're delighted that we could help so
many kids make a great impression on their first day of school.

The haircuts were so popular, we're going to keep them going. Starting
in November, kids (K-6) get free haircuts every Sunday at jcpenney.
Just call for an appointment and we'll help keep your kids looking
their best.

I also have exciting news about the store itself. The "new jcpenney"
is starting to emerge!

We're on our way to turning jcpenney into a collection of shops
featuring your favorite brands, staffed by specialists who really know
their merchandise. We have now opened Levi's®, Liz Claiborne®, Izod®
and The Original Arizona Jean Company® shops in over 600 stores.

And we've just launched an entirely new line of clothing. We're so
proud of this merchandise, we've put our own name on it. The new jcp
brand (for men and women) offers fashion essentials in wonderful
fabrics and colors, all at great prices every day. I invite you to
visit your local jcpenney to see our new line.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone for "rounding up to the nearest
dollar" at checkout as part of our jcp Cares program. Combining your
efforts with ours, over $3 million will be donated to our August
partners, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and 4-H. This month's
charity partner is Teach for America, an organization that develops
teachers and leaders to make America's schools great.

I'm proud of the jcpenney team's passion for innovation, and I promise
we're going to keep pushing. My goal is nothing less than to make
jcpenney your favorite store.

Of course, it's your opinion that counts most. So if you have a
minute, please click the link below and share your thoughts.

Thanks again for shopping at jcpenney.

Yours truly,

I'd like to hear from you.
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