Monday, September 10, 2012

On Babies and Xboxes...

I promise not to get off the frugal topic for long, but there had to be at least one baby post right?

Jon loves Xbox (well, now he loves playing DayZ through the computer which he's hooked up to the 73 inch TV). He got pretty spoiled during the last few months because nothing felt better to my ginormous pregnant body than to sit in the recliner and write for the blog. He sat next to me and played Dayz well into the night, then woke me up to bring me to bed when he went to bed (sleeping in the recliner was the only good sleep I got thanks to acid reflux in the last trimester).

We knew his xbox days were dwindling down though thanks to the arrival of Baby Groner. We had talked about it, and decided together that we would spend significantly less time playing xbox.

We stand corrected. I've only been a parent for two weeks, and we've been blessed with an extremely easy baby, but as far as I'm concerned Xbox is the greatest baby invention of all time. Baby Groner gets 5 hours of uninterrupted chest to chest daddy time, all the while daddy is talking in his ear in a low voice (through his headphones). Granted, Daddy is coordinating zombie attacks with his sweet whispers, but Baby doesn't know that. Since the game plays through his headphones there aren't any freaky noises to scare him and he seems completely content so that I can sleep in my favorite recliner, and get a little extra sleep. Kudos to you Microsoft!

Obviously, this won't last forever. When Baby Groner stops sleeping 16 hours a day, we'll have to reduce xbox time. For right now though? Xbox is better than bubble baths in my book right now.


  1. LOL...but if his first words are "double tap" or "head shot", we'll know why!

    1. haha, sounds like a future firearms instructor to me!


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