Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stationary Station: Old Fashioned Gratefulness

Stationary Station

Old Fashioned Gratefulness

Jon and I fight over who gets to get the mail. We both love it. There's so much promise in a full mailbox. There could be anything in there! A letter, a package, a notification that we won a major award... Anything! Of course, 98% of the time, it's just bills and flyers. Maybe it's because we love getting letters so much that I take every opportunity I can to send letters out.

If I need to say thank you, or I'm sorry, or "You Rock!" my favorite way to do it is with a hand written card. Despite my obsession with all things technology (thanks for that iPhone), I prefer to keep my address book in a black moleskin address book with a deep back pocket (that's been lovingly doodled on for 3 years). I keep stamps and stationary in the back pocket (just a few cards... I keep my stationary stash with my office supplies).  I can take my moleskin book to the couch and happily write a card, address it, stick on a stamp and put it my outgoing mail folder.

If you send out cards frequently then consider investing in what I consider essentials to my favorite hobby:

An address stamp can be purchased for about $24.00 but lasts forever (I scrapbook in my spare time, so I just use scrapbooking ink).

A wax seal kit (I bought mine from Barnes and Noble years ago in a clearance sale for $5.95)

Here's a few of my stationary favorites:

Click here to head over to my polyvore site for prices and stores.

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