Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Best Organizer I've Ever Found: And It's Free!

The Best Organizer I’ve Ever Found: And It’s Free!


When January rolled around, I realized that my 2013 schedule book would have to be replaced. Everything that I've ever needed or wanted was in that schedule and it was perfect in every way. I thought since I was at home, I would try to find a printable schedule online for free (What in the world did we do before Pinterest?) I found The Confident Mom's Planner here. I'm honestly shocked to say that the entire planner is free (with no hidden catches), and that it's more effective than last years schedule book, which I paid a pretty penny for and then spent hours customizing in ways she's already done.

I'm on my third week with it now and am floored by how much more productive I've become. If you're a fan of flylady (and if you aren't- check her out here), the planner works great with flybabies because it has a separate section along the top for daily chores (aka. Your morning and evening routines). You just fill in the bubble for the day when you've done that chore and move on to the next. She combines the every day chores with special tasks to complete on each day that make this motivating, easy and workable.

Each Page deals with a week (the dates are all pre-printed and holidays are included). There are 16 spots for every day or consistent chores. You can choose the blank version (like I did) and write your own information in or you can choose her pre-filled out version. My daily tasks are :

  • Put on make up.
  • Take vitamins.
  • Switch laundry, fold and put away.
  • Lay out clothes for tomorrow.
  • Dinner prep.
  • Mop the kitchen floor.
  • Work out a minimum of 10 minutes (I have a separate gym log, but even in my off days I do at least 10 minutes).
  • Load/unload dishwasher.
  • Load/ unload dishwasher (2nd time).
  • Take out trash.
  • Log food.
  • 15 minutes of calm.
  • 15 minute pick up.
  • 2nd load of laundry and put away.

You can list other tasks under each day. I keep a list in my iphone of tasks to be completed (no matter how small- if I cant do it that second it goes on my list). As I run into things that I need to do, I add it. If it's a large project, I break it into smaller components and then add those.  Every night I designate a place for those tasks in my schedule. Then I can put it out of my mind and relax. I give myself a happy face sticker for the days that I completed everything on my list (this works as well for me as it does my 3 year old- maybe even better!). In addition to all of that, you can track water consumption easily and there's a spot to fill in notes (I use this for social events and play dates), as well as a "This Week" section. I'm still experimenting what I'll use this for, right now I'm listing things that I'd like to focus on for the week that I feel like I've neglected lately.

I've been incredibly happy with this and purchased a supplemental pack to go with it ($6.00 for family organizer sheets (such as baby sitter info, apps to look into, gift planner, medical info, quick contact sheet etc.) In actuality, I didn't particularly need any of those things, but she could have sold blank paper for $6.00 and I would have purchased it to support her because she did such an amazing job on the planner.

Go grab your own copy from The Confident Mom here and tell her I sent you!

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