Monday, January 20, 2014

The Easiest Way to Get Back into Running: Zombies, Run!


Need motivation? Can't seem to get yourself to work out? You've come to the right place!

Start Running with ZOMBIES!

What if I told you there was a way to start or get back into running and have you love it? Love it so much that instead of going 3x a week like you planned, you almost never miss a day and when you do, you're grouchy about it. I can make that happen.

A friend introduced me to the Zombies, Run! App for smart phones. I didn't have high expectations because I hated running with a passion when I was skinny, I couldn't see suddenly loving it with 50 pounds of extra baby weight hugging my hips. I was wrong.

Zombies, run! has a few layers of greatness that all work together to keep you motivated to run. To start with, you stick in your ear buds and hit the road, trail, elliptical, or treadmill. You can walk fast, or sprint your heart out. You play a mission each run and the app tells you a post apocalyptic interactive story where you star as "Runner 5", a survivalist who uses stamina to collect supplies and head off zombies for the town of Abel. During your missions, you'll encounter packs of Zombies. Speed up to evade the zombies and keep the supplies you've collected. If the zombies catch you, you lose your supplies. The zombie chases are really fun and it's easy to get into the story and run faster to save your life.

One of the best parts of this App, is that you don't have to lose your music! The story alternates with your designated playlist to give you the perfect mix. There have even been a few cliff hangers where I wanted to see what happens in the next mission, so I finished one and started another right away.

The second motivating layer is the building mode. It's kind of like Farm Town but you had to run 9 miles in order to build that hospital. As you run, you collect supplies. You also collect materials for each mission you complete. You can use the supplies and materials to build the post apocalyptic town of Abel. I never got into Farm Town and in general shun Facebook games as being time wasters, but this is a game I want to be obsessed with since it makes me run. It's fun and there's kind of a secondary game involved when you try to upgrade building since everything needs to be upgraded in a certain order.

The third motivating layer is the Social or group aspect. If you choose, your runs can be automatically uploaded to Facebook (or another social media site). Of course then your friends like your status, and comment on it and tell you what a great job you're doing on your runs. Then you have to keep running since everyone sees your workouts! I've been using this App since mid November and have been exceeding my running goals every week since then. If you hate running, or would like to start, I can't recommend it enough for the price of $2.99!

*I received no money, recognition, or gifts from Zombies, Run! They don't even know I'm a fan:)


  1. This looks fun! Just downloaded it and will try it tonight. Thank you!


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